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Sick Boy is one of the main characters in Trainspotting and T2: Trainspotting. He is played in both films by Johnny Lee Miller.

Trainspotting[edit | edit source]

Sick Boy is a huge James Bond fan. He was the mastermind behind the drug deal. At some point before the film he Impregnated Allison and later had their daughter Dawn

T2 Trainspotting[edit | edit source]

By 2016 Sick Boy ( Now going by Simon ) currently runs his aunts currently unsuccessful pub "Fort Sunshine" and around the time of the second film he is involved in blackmailing financially successful individuals such as a Deputy Headmaster named Tulloch and another unknown target by placing a camera into a clock positioned in a hotel room to catch the targets having sex, during Simon's second attempt of procuring blackmail material he fails to notice the target had found the hidden camera, and because he was snorting Cocaine he was delayed from getting into the room to protect Veronika, Simon,s prostitute "girlfriend". When Simon enters the room he threatens the blackmail target with pepper spray until he has left, After the target has left the hotel Veronika declares that she isn't going to help Simon blackmail anyone else and will return to her previous employer Doyle Whom Simon says is a Gangster, however Veronika states that in Doyle's Brothel nobody would ever hurt a girl there. after a bit more arguing Veronika decides to stay for now. Later Simon is interrupted while playing pool by Mark Renton visiting him after 20 years, Simon jokingly asked what Mark has been up to for the past 20 years learning that Mark has Lived in Amsterdam and has gotten married. After Mark lies about having 2 children " James and Laura" Simon reveals that he has had another child, a son that is currently living in London that he hasn't seen for ten years with his "Whore mother" ( the name or age of his son or wife is never specified ). He admits to Mark that his aunts pub has very few customers that don't pay that much and sometimes it isn't even worth opening some days stating " the great wave of gentrification has yet to engulf us". He then starts beating Mark with a pool cue shouting about the 16,000 pounds that mark gad stolen from the Spud, Begbie, and himself 20 years ago, while Mark shouting that Simon would have done the same he just didn't have the balls for it the fight ends with Mark tackling Simon and knocking himself out in the process. When Mark regains consciousness he questions Simon about Veronika, who saved his life incidentally while Simon Snorts Cocaine

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